Announcing The Discovering Classic Cinema Blogathon

I’m delighted to announce my first Blogathon here on my new blog. Those of you who knew me when I was blogging a few years ago will remember how much I loved these. I’d love you all to join me for this one.

For this Blogathon the focus is upon how we all came to be classic film fans. How did you discover classic era films, actors, directors etc? Were you raised during the era? Are you a younger fan who has discovered these films via television, film screenings,videos/DVDs or streaming? Was one film alone all it took? Did it take a few films before you were hooked? What do these films mean to you?

If you would like to take part,please sign up below and share your individual stories on the 28th and 29th of December, 2022. Please let me know the name of your blog and what you’re going to call your article. Please take one of the banners below and put it on your blog somewhere to help promote the event.

Please reply here to leave me the links to your posts on or before those dates. I will then link to all your entries on the 28th and 29th. See the participation list below to see who is writing about what.

Happy writing!


Classic Film And TV Corner – My Classic Film Journey

The Stop Button – Moods And Feelings: Forty Years With Classic Films

Silver Screenings – How Casablanca Ruined me for Modern Film

Films On The Box – Before The Third Man(1949)

RealWeegieMidgetReviews – Favourite songs from movie musicals made before 1980

Pale Writer – Discovering Classics On VHS

4 Star Films – My Film Odyssey

Moon In Gemini – Watching Citizen Kane With My Dad

The Poppity – Escaping with the Classics

Silver Screen Classics –

18 Cinema Lane – Top 10 Classic Films


21 thoughts on “Announcing The Discovering Classic Cinema Blogathon

  1. Hi Maddy! I’m not quite sure about a definitive title but I do have an idea about the theme. I would like to talk about how film plays and has played a huge role in dealing with difficulties in my life. It has served an escape for me since I was an adolescent. I started out watching contemporary/modern film and later on discovered Classic Film. I’ve talked about these origins only briefly in a couple of my articles but would like to go more in-depth. The article will be personal without being overtly/unnecessarily revealing. I hope I’m making sense here. 😉


  2. I saw this blogathon announced awhile back and then forgot to sign up. I see that today is the last day to sign up. Is it too late?

    I’d like to write about how Nick at Nite, I Love Lucy and Lucille Ball helped me discover the world of classic film.

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