The Discovering Classic Cinema Blogathon Arrives!

Welcome to the Discovering Classic Cinema Blogathon. I hope you’re all well and had a lovely Christmas. Please drop by this page over the next few days in order to read a selection of very different stories about how we discovered classic era films and became fans. I want to say a huge thank you to all the participants for sharing some very personal stories.

Without further ado it gives me great pleasure to proudly present to you the entries.

Gill at RealWeegieMidgetReviews tells us about the five favourite classic film songs which led her to become a classic film fan.

Doris Day and Frank Sinatra in Young At Heart(1954).Frank’s theme song for the film is one of Gill’s favourites.

I share my classic film journey here. My journey first began by watching a documentary about the history of dance on film.

Fred Astaire dancing in the Night And Day sequence in The Gay Divorcee(1935). This was one of the Fred and Ginger clips featured in the documentary and served as my introduction to the pair.

Debbie at Moon In Gemini shares her memories of watching Citizen Kane with her dad.

Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles in Citizen Kane(1941)

Ruth at Silver Screenings explains why Casablanca is so important to her.

The three main heroes of Casablanca(1942).

Andrew at The Stop Button takes us on a forty year journey of watching the classics.

The Thin Man became one of Andrew’s favourites.

Tynan at Four Star Films shares his classic film journey.

High Noon was an early classic discovery of Tynan’s.

Kayla at Whimsically Classic explains how the TV series I Love Lucy led her to discover classic films and actors.

The main cast of I Love Lucy.

Sally at 18 Cinema Lane shares her thoughts on ten classic films she’s watched to review at her blog.

To Kill A Mockingbird was a favourite discovery of Sally’s.

Erica at Poppity Talks Classic Film explains how she escaped with the classics.

Mr. Skeffington became an instant favourite of Erica’s.

Mike at Films On The Box discusses how he came to love the classics.

Mike fell in love with Carol Reed’s The Third Man(1949).

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