Sherlock Jr(1924)

Sherlock Jr is a timeless gem and one of Buster Keaton's greatest achievements as an actor, stuntman and director.  The film may well only last for 45 minutes but it manages to be more stunning, inventive and memorable than many a film which lasts for several hours.   The name is Holmes. Buster Holmes. Sherlock Jr… Continue reading Sherlock Jr(1924)


Announcing The Master Of Suspense Blogathon

I think it's high time that we had another Blogathon. This time I'm inviting you all to join me to celebrate the work of the Master of Suspense, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. For the purposes of this event you can write about any of Hitchcock's films, his British films versus his American ones, his series Alfred… Continue reading Announcing The Master Of Suspense Blogathon

My Two Favourite Danny Kaye Films

Danny Kaye(1911-1987). Image source Wikimedia Commons. Danny Kaye was a man of many talents. He was a brilliant dancer, a gifted comedian(both in terms of delivering funny dialogue as well as performing physical comedy), he was also a terrific singer, hosted his own television series(1963-1967) and was a conductor, pilot and chef. Danny was also… Continue reading My Two Favourite Danny Kaye Films