The Master Of Suspense Blogathon Arrives!

Hitch stands by his films. Welcome to the first edition of what I hope will become an annual celebration of the work of the director Alfred Hitchcock. The event begins today on the anniversary of Hitchcock's death in 1980. Check back to this page over the weekend to read all the entries as they come… Continue reading The Master Of Suspense Blogathon Arrives!


Foreign Correspondent(1940)

Foreign Correspondent was the second film that Alfred Hitchcock made in America following his adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's novel Rebecca(1940). These days it's become something of an overlooked and underappreciated entry in Hitchcock's filmography, which is a great shame because it has a lot going for it and contains two of the most memorable… Continue reading Foreign Correspondent(1940)

Announcing The Master Of Suspense Blogathon

I think it's high time that we had another Blogathon. This time I'm inviting you all to join me to celebrate the work of the Master of Suspense, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock. For the purposes of this event you can write about any of Hitchcock's films, his British films versus his American ones, his series Alfred… Continue reading Announcing The Master Of Suspense Blogathon