Murder, My Sweet(1944)

1944 was a seminal year for Film Noir with the release of some of the greatest films in the genre such as Double Indemnity,Phantom Lady, Laura, To Have And Have Not, The Woman In The Window and The Ministry Of Fear. This year also gave us arguably the greatest of the lot, Murder, My Sweet.… Continue reading Murder, My Sweet(1944)


Walking Down The Dark Alleys Of Film Noir

Happy Noirvember. Yes it’s that time of year again, time to once again celebrate all things Film Noir. Put on your trench coats and hats, pour yourself a glass of bourbon and sit back and revel in a cinematic world of shadows, thrills, double-crosses, sexual tension, Femme and Homme Fatales and plenty of darkness and… Continue reading Walking Down The Dark Alleys Of Film Noir